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Where in Thailand Bangkok can you find the best plastic surgeon for plastic or cosmetic surgery?

Our favourite plastic surgeon Doctor Tong has been practicing cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery for over 30 years in Bangkok Thailand where he works exclusively for cosmedic jetaways as a fully accredited certified plastic surgeon belonging to all relevant plastic surgery and surgeon bodies in Bangkok Thailand.

Plastic surgeon Dr Tong has performed thousands of surgical plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures ranging from breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast enhancements, breast reductions to facial surgery, face lifts, eye lifts and more.

Our plastic surgeon Dr Tong is in popular demand amongst the Thai community and foreigners alike. Doctor Tong never takes on more work than he can handle and works for no other Medical tourism companies.

It has been noted recently that other famous plastic surgeon doctors in Thailand are more concerned with high turn over's and maximum profits. They have been seen as capitalizing on the medical tourism boom for their own fame and fortunes and losing sight in maintaining high standards of quality. We are aware they are now registering with as many medical tourism companies as they can and spread themselves rather thinly in our opinion.

Plastic surgeon Dr Tong has remained a genuine nice guy throughout his 30 years and this has gained him much respect amongst the Thai comunity. He has the utmost compassion towards his patients and he is a joy to work with

We honor our renowned plastic surgeon Dr Tong and his loyalty towards the surgical and medical world. He is a genuine pioneer and takes great pride in his surgical and artistic work.

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