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Cosmedic Jetaways plastic surgery charity donates 2% of all plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures to Thailand based charities.  Our team will anually travel to Northern provinces to donate and purchase food and clothes for the under privelaged communities and children of the Northern Thailand..

If you feel it's time to generate some good karma and do a good deed for human kind and its 3rd worlds. Please consider donating a few minutes of your time and a few dollars to a Thailand chariy listed below.


Convoy For KidsThailand charity plastic surgery  ( Click Here to Donate)
The Foundation for the Welfare for The Crippled in Thailand is a nonprofit organization established in 1954.  The Foundation was originally set up to support the young victims of a polio outbreak which swept Thailand in the early 50's.  The Foundations efforts today are principally concentrated on helping children suffering from cerebral palsy, spinal bifida and congenital deformities, which perhaps present a greater challenge to both sufferers, care givers and the families involved. Please donate if you have a few minutes free and a few dollars to spare, Just a little will surely go a long way towards helping them.


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